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Healthy Food Options - Kids Birthday Parties

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My daughter recently celebrated her 4th birthday - it was an awesome high energy event that left me and my man absolutely exhausted at the end of it!  We sat down after the party and were left wondering if we had made the right food choices for our 3 and 4 year old guests. 

We all know that sugary highly processed foods and pre-schoolers do not make a good combo, especially with 12 of them running around! So with that in mind I have been on the hunt for some fun and healthy treats for the little ones that are available to purchase for the busy mum who doesn't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen as well as some images from Pinterest that offer some great ideas for easy to prepare healthy option party snacks.


This ice cream is divine!  This is a firm family favourite in our household and as if this stuff wasn't good enough OOB have recently launched birthday party friendly 120ml one serve pots of ice cream perfect to fill goodie bags, as a party snack or as a treat to go with the birthday cake.  Made from raw organic suger OOB Organic Icecream is gluten and egg free which is a bonus if you are catering to children with allergies!  Sweetness without the sugar rush  –  a perfect pick me up for any party!

This little pots of goodness would work in with any party theme and the array of flavours is amazing!  We love the Peppermint Chip flavour - it is so creamy and my little ones had no problems demolishing an entire 470ml pot between them!
The 120ml pots come in packs of two and have an RRP $3.99 each.
They are available in the following flavours from leading supermarkets and speciality stores nationwide:


I discovered these little beauties when I was looking for an alternative to your traditional yoghurt pots, our children tend to get bored with things easily and the same old yoghurt in their lunchbox day in and day out resulted in a quite a few unopened yoghurts returning home in otherwise empty lunchboxes! 

Conveniently packaged in an easy tear 70gram pouch these yoghurt Suckies are the perfect addition to party snack packs as can be seen here in the snack packs I made up for my daughters party. These tasty little treats are full of beneficial probiotics, vegetarian, gluten free, gelatine free, preservative free and handcrafted. 

The Collective Suckies come in three delish flavours - Bonkers 4 Banana, Sassy Strawberry and Bouncing Berry.  These are available at leading supermarkets throughout NZ and are  RRP$5.99 for a box of 8.


These look amazing and would be delicious served fresh or frozen (which is awesome as you can prepare in advance).  You could either serve these on cake pop sticks, popsicle sticks or on a coloured paper straw, our favourite party sites to purchase these from are The Pretty Baker and Pop Roc Parties

To make you simply cut a banana into a few bit size pieces, dip in either chocolate, yoghurt or peanut butter and then roll in your favourite toppings, we love sprinkles, chopped nuts, and dehydrated chopped fruit!

Image sourced from

Image sourced from


This is a fun and super easy way to introduce fruit to children's parties without them thinking it is too boring.  We love the idea of serving these in cute cupcake cases or even served on a popsicle stick cut into heart shapes, triangles, or circles.  I find that if you take a little extra time to make healthy food fun children don't hesitate to gobble it up!

Image sourced from

Image sourced from


Along the same concept as above except with vegetables, ham and cheese!  These are a gorgeous idea, I swear kids love anything that is put on a stick and if it is accompanied by a dip even better!  In our household we love to serve vege chips or kebabs with hummus!  You could also use cottage cheese, spinach and feta dip or even natural yoghurt.

Image sourced from Pinterest

Image sourced from Pinterest

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  1. Loving the healthy ideas, some of them would be good snacks for us adults as well ;)