Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Aromatherapy Company Car Diffuser Clip

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

During the past week my family and I have spent ALOT of time in the car, any trip with a Pre-schooler can be challenging, add tween in the mix and it can be downright painful.  Perhaps the only thing that has made all this 'quality family time' a little more bearable was the gorgeous Rose & Patchouli scent from this beautiful car diffuser the lovely ladies from The Aromatherapy Company sent me to try out.

The Aromatherapy Company has recently launched their line of Naturals products which includes a gorgeous range of car diffusers to delicately scent your vehicle.

When I first was introduced to this product I thought, finally, a NZ company has made a car diffuser that doesn't look like a tiny perfume bottle or something that should be plugged into a computer or has built in bluetooth! 

Not only does this little beauty smell amazing it looks so chic!  The slimline black design fits in any vehicle and the unique 360 degree fastening clip ensures you can clip it in and move it in any direction you like.
I'm sold.  I love supporting NZ Made products and am so pleased that there are other options out there rather than huge multi national brands that tend to get the majority of the market share.

This unique new product comes in four amazing scents and you can pick these up at Farmers stores nationwide or purchase online from any of these great stockists: at an RRP of $16.99

Cocoa & Vanilla

Lavender & Neroli 

Orange & Jasmine
Rose & Patchouli


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