Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Endless Summer - Summer Skincare Must Haves

The heat today was insane,  it really does feel like an endless summer which has lead me to think of the products I could not live without this Summer that I am still using during Autumn.

Check out my top 5 summer skincare must haves below:

Le Tan Coconut 30+ Spray

I am a big time fan of sun safety... however.. I am not a big time lover of sunscreens, the majority either leave my skin covered in a white film or were far too greasy.  This summer I was on the hunt for the ultimate sunscreen that works and feels great on the skin, my love of coconut scented items led me to discover Le Tan Coconut 30+ Spray. 

It was love at first scent! It felt amazing on my skin, was non greasy and smelt divine!   After everyday use I noticed my skin was smoother and just generally felt better - Le Tan Coconut 30+ Spray 250mL is also water resistant for up to 4 hours so covers all bases - massive thumbs up for me!

Check out and buy online here:  http://www.letan.com.au or pick up from your local supermarket/pharmacy.

Blistex Lip Conditioner SPF 15

 This is my go to lip balm that always has a spot in my handbag - It is an excellent barrier from the sun and wind (both of which we had a lot of this summer) and heals chapped lips within a day. 
I have been using this little beauty since I was a teenager and must have repurchased at least 20 times.  Obviously I like it a lot!  I am now on the lookout for something more natural to use on my lips and have just recently purchased Hurraw Lip Balms and Lucas' Papaw Ointment to try out over the coming months!
Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+
What can I say - This stuff is liquid gold for dehydrated skin!  I used this nearly every night during summer and I noticed a huge difference in the suppleness of my skin when I woke in the morning.  I also use this for blemish scars and noticed a huge difference in how quickly and effectively my scars healed.
After cleansing my face I would add 2/3 drops to my hands with the eyedropper and massage into my face, neck and d├ęcolletage.  This stuff lasts for ages and at $39.95 is well worth it!  Trilogy have changed the packaging to a red label with silver text but it is still the same great formula! 
Check it out and buy online from www.trilogyproducts.com 
Oasis Beauty Rhino Repair

My skin really suffers during summer, spending so much time in the water and at the beach leaves the already dry patches on my skin (elbows, knees, feet, hands) really rough and dry.  Rhino repair was a saviour for these ultra dry spots and the scent is amazing!  I have used this product from head to toe on my entire family - It is possibly one of the best, if not the best multi use repair creams I have ever used.
Rhino Repair is safe for all skin types, I used on my children aged 3 and 9 for sunburn and mosquito bites and it worked a treat.  As a mother I prefer to use products that are free of harsh chemicals and that use natural ingredients.  With ingredients such as organic manuka honey, natural vitamin E,  castor oil, calendula, rosemary, chamomile, lavender, and rosehip Rhino Repair is now a family favourite in our household! So much so that the tube is now empty and I must repurchase soon!
Check out and buy online from www.oasisbeauty.co.nz
Garnier BB Cream

I don't wear a lot of makeup during summer, but can't leave the house without something on so a BB cream is perfect.  I have been using Garnier BB Cream in light for 2 years now and it has always done right by me.  I find the product to be a little oily around my t zone so usually set these areas with a little powder on a kabuki brush. 
I have recently received a sample of the Oasis Beauty BB Cream and love the finish, I am a BB cream addict so over the next few months I will be purchasing a few different types and testing them out.  If you have any product recommendations for me please leave them below! 
That's it for tonight guys, hope you enjoyed reading my 2013/14 Summer Skincare Must Haves - it took me back to days at the beach with sand between my toes and the salty sea air!  Hope it did the same for you!

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