Thursday, 17 April 2014

Party Planning - Girls Birthday Party For Under 5's

Happy Thursday guys!  The weather is miserable but it is the last day of the working week for me and our household is very much looking forward to long weekends and the Easter Bunny making his annual appearance!  This time 4 years ago I was heavily pregnant and counting the days till my youngest was due!  With less than a month till her fourth birthday I've started the ball rolling on birthday party preparations. 

Below I have gathered a few images from Pinterest that have inspired me, along with where you can purchase some products and a few helpful tips along the way!

Party Table:  This year I will be using wrapping paper for the table runner, not only is this cost effective and super easy when it comes to clean up time it is a great way to change up birthday parties each year rather than using the same tablecloth!  There are also so many different varieties of beautiful wrapping paper to choose from when compared to traditional tablecloths/table runners.  To add some dimension to the table runner I will glue a selection of white paper doilies down the middle to set the scene for the centrepiece.

Silver Chevron Wrapping Paper

Buy from The Pretty Baker

$7.99 - 3m

Round White Paper Doilies

Buy from PopRoc Parties

$1.50 - $4.50 - assorted sizes - 12 pack

Centrepiece:  I will be painting some glass jars and using these to house straws, flowers, and marshmallow pops.

Decorations:  To fit in with the pink, white and silver theme I will make an assortment of tissue paper pompoms - these are incredibly easy and cost effective to make yourself!  These will be hung from the ceiling along with some white streamers and balloons.

Party Food:  This will be an afternoon party on a day after school/preschool so I will be making up little snack boxes for the children for their afternoon tea with an assortment of sweet treats, mini American hot dogs and fruit.  These will also double as their goody box to take home -  after they have finished eating I will put their party favours in the box to take home.

Mini Pink & White Hearts

Buy from The Pretty Baker

$4.95 - 60gram container

White Paper Cake Pop Sticks

Buy from PopRoc Parties

$5.00 - 50 pack - 11cm

Drinks:  Pink lemonade has been requested so pink lemonade it will be!  I will serve these in mini milk bottles with a silver paper straw.  The best mixture I have found is 60% lemonade and 40% raspberry fizzy drink.  Each individual bottle will have the child's name attached to a little flag on their straw so the don't get mixed up.

Mini Milk Bottles With Gold Lids

Buy from PopRoc Parties

$2.00 each

Metallic Silver Stripe Paper Straws

Buy from PopRoc Parties

$4.00 12 pack - 20cm

The Cake:  I am opting for an easy but elegant cake this year - in the past I have spent hours fussing over fondant and piping elaborate decorations on to cakes only for them to be destroyed in seconds!  This year I am baking a chocolate cake and piping pink swirls on the top with buttercream icing.

Party Games:  Every girls party I have thrown has included traditional games such as pass the parcel, musical chairs and a piƱata - These games almost always end in tears in some way or another.   To minimise mini tantrums and the fear of missing out we will be having a treasure hunt - there will be various clues hidden around the house/property with treasure (a bubble wand each) at the end.  

After this we will play musical statues where at the end of the game the winner gets to go to the punch box and punch through the tissue to get their prize.  All other children will then follow and collect their prize.  I will be making up lolly bows as part of the prize as well as a can of mini play-doh and a few other knickknacks.

Small Candy Cello Bags 

Buy from PopRoc Parties

$0.20 each - small size 11cm x 13.5cm

Mega Bubbles with 118ml of solution Assorted

Buy from The Warehouse

$1.00 each - currently on special

Goody Boxes:  I will be reusing the boxes that had the party snacks in them and will give them to the children to put all their goodies in (excluding the bubble wand for obvious reasons!)  I will also place a cupcake or piece of cake in the box for the children to take home with them.

Kraft Window Favor Boxes

Buy from PopRoc Parties

$1.00 - $1.70 each - assorted sizes

I am very much looking forward to getting these plans into action - it is so rewarding seeing the looks on the children's faces when you take the time to create a beautiful ambiance for them to enjoy time together to celebrate a birthday party.

I will keep you updated and will be posting some images of the finished product!

Have an amazing Easter break and enjoy time with friends and family.

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